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Coven Eau de Parfum 50 ml
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Oriental Woody Notes: woody notes, green grass, soil tincture, oakmoss, whiskey and spicy notes. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

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Andrea Maack - Coven Eau de Parfum 50 ml

About Coven:
Inspired by a body of the artist’s work deeply rooted in her early fascination with the mysterious dark corridors of the supernatural world, Coven is a journey through the secrets and enchantments of the forest and folklore. Maack’s process for this scent began with pen on paper – her trademark approach. She channeled a sensual aesthetic blend of dark, smooth deep greens, and strong, deliberate line work.

Coven is a natural extension of that immersive world, developed by Andrea with her team of master perfumers. The result is powerful, dramatic and enchantingly sexy. The deep forest greens come through in grassy, earthy notes, the strength of those lines in a soft spice, and the combination is as dark and mysterious as the forest night.

Coven is the mysterious path of a dark supernatural world, it is a journey into a secret enchanted woodland were nothing is as it seems, smells is wild, untamed and brave. A rich soil tincture kick starts Coven. This lush, metallic note seeps into Oak Moss and mingles with the verdant greens of Galbanum intending to grip you tightly in its spell. Coven is the embodiment of shadowy woodland walk.

Oriental Woody
Galbanum-Clove-Cedar Wood-Oak Moss-Vanilla

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