Collection d’Ailleurs Noir d'Orient EDP 100 ML

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  • Collection d’Ailleurs Noir d'Orient EDP 100 ML
  • Collection d’Ailleurs Noir d'Orient EDP 100 ML
  • Collection d’Ailleurs Noir d'Orient EDP 100 ML
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Evody - Collection d’Ailleurs - Noir d'Orient Eau de Parfum 

The ancient spice route encloses so many mysteries and richness. A humid and warm-hearted road where the strong and exhilarating scents of incense lead towards sun burnt plains. India is so emotional.

In Pondicherry the white colonial city opposes its black neighbourhood: extreme feelings. Further down on the Western South side of India, we discover the Kerala with its river and its luxuriant forests. Stop at dreamlike Mysore and breathe in the spray of the Indian Ocean. A trail of spices. Imagine the ambergris lying along the coast, adding a final touch to this amazing voyage.

Noir d’Orient was constructed around India’s olfactory richness. Opening up, the frankincense brings out its serenity. The heart reveals a rain of hot, sensual and intense spices such as cloves and cinnamon… The soul is both beastly and tender with its blend of wood, brown rum and patchouly. Heady oriental wake.

The Flacon
The bronze vials show clearly the nectar of each fragrance. The caps are silvered by the same rich colour. The label is golden to sublimate the quintessence of the luxurious and precious raw material. The packaging also resumes these colour codes and hides all the mysteries of the invaluable compositions.

Collection d'Ailleurs

The Collection d'Ailleurs opens up a new chapter in the history of Evody. It is a tribute to the riches of nature and the diversity of cultures. The fragrances in the Collection d'Ailleurs are Evody’s interpretation of distant places.

These fragrance pictures were taken by mother-daughter duo Régine and Cerine and mirror their passion for traveling and of course perfume.

Since childhood, Régine traveled through books to far away and strange places. Places of longing that should would discover later with the young Cérine ... The feelings and wonder felt throughout their journey inspired them to continue this adventure through their fragrances. "To travel is to give meaning to one’s life, which is to give life to one’s senses". Alexandre Poussin

The first perfumes of the Collection d'Ailleurs open up worlds that take us from the Orient to the Occident.

Woody Spicy
Incense, Bay leaf
Amber, Patchouli, cinnamon, cloves
Sandal wood, Tonka, Amber rum agreement

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