24 Old Bond Street Eau de Toilet Vinegar 100 ml

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  • 24 Old Bond Street Eau de Toilet Vinegar 100 ml
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Atkinsons - 24 Old Bond Street- the emblematic collection Eau de Cologne Concentrée 

A cracking good fragrance that very much lives up to its fabled address, 24 Old Bond Street is more representative of the house’s inestimable peerage than any heraldic crest or coat of arms. A revelation of endlessly effortless chic and classic British flair, the cologne and bath collection tips its top hat to Atkinsons’ first fragrance creation, the exceedingly English Eau de Cologne of 1800. Like its predecessor, 24 Old Bond Street is no mere Continental cologne but a powerfully assertive and peculiarly wonderful English scent.
With a glamorous twist of Brit eccentricity, it redefines the very notion of cologne, and will beguile boys and girls of the very highest discernment.

The emblematic fragrance of the house, 24 Old Bond Street is an extremely English
cologne of tremendous personality. Its devastatingly aromatic cocktail of juniper, rose and black tea is deepened with a gorgeously eccentric note of smoky, oak casked whisky. Bracingly fresh yet warmly embracing, it is the definitive last word in English elegance.
Eau de Cologne – Natural Spray 50 ml & 100ml

The English Cologne Structure
Like its ancestral Eau de Cologne of 1800, 24 Old Bond Street is a true English cologne
that breaks all the rules. The customary freshness is revisited with the cold spicy notes of Juniper and Cardamom. The impact is singular – a fusing ethereal freshness. In a nod to the emblematic flower of England, the heart has been shaped around precious Turkish Rose Absolute and essence. The traditional chypre dry down of the Cologne has been re-interpreted with woody ambery and musky notes to texturise the Fragrance, giving it endurance and personality. The Peated Cask Accord Inspired by a famous single malt whisky, the peated cask accord unites black tea with Cade oil, the latter extracted from Juniper. The composition’s surprising twist comes from the intriguingly untamed quality of the Cade oil’s woody, smoky scent, and the full-bodied singularity of Black Tea and Cedar.
Perfumer: Christine Nagel & Violaine Collas (Mane)

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