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Eva Kant Eau de Parfum 50 ml

Eva KantEVA KANT OPPOSITES ATTRACT.“EVA KANT” – DANGEROUSLY SEDUCTIVE What is the sensuality? Does it exist a formulation to create a sensual experience? The Nez Angelo Orazio Pregoni, creator of O...

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Eva Kant



What is the sensuality? Does it exist a formulation to create a sensual experience?

The Nez Angelo Orazio Pregoni, creator of O’DRIÙ, had the audacity to answer to these questions, passing through the sense of smell – of course! –, the only one that speaks an instinctive language, the only one that can identify the authentic sensuality!

This is the way “Eva Kant Perfume” is born, a fragrance celebrating the myth of the most beautiful thief of comics in her 50th year of life, thanks to a play of contrasts, unique and surprising.

For Pregoni, in fact, the most true sensuality hides its own secret in oppositions, in their capability to create sensations and feelings. Eva Kant is a symbol of this: more than beautiful, lack of scruples, she is sexy but dangerous, an outlaw with a severe code of honour and love. A perfect example of how the charm nourish itself with contradictions, how there isn’t sensuality without ambiguity, attraction without fear.

We well know the cruelty of the charming lady, but we can’t renounce to our fascination for her. “Eva Kant Perfume” translates this borderline magnetism in an olfactory experience, pushing the contrasts in it to new limits. It seduces us and, at the same time, it convinces us that surrendering to her appeal – the appeal of Eva – we enter in a no exit trap. But we can’t resist!

The bitter and stinging notes of grapefruit and those ones, more sweet, of the lavender try to overpower each other. A fight with no winners, thereafter we can feel the first disquieting signs of our impudence: the moist woods tell us we’re in a place hidden to the World, mysterious, maybe deathly!

Are we side by side with the beautiful Eva, dangerously escaping through the woods? Maybe also we are her victims, and these ones are the last sensations we’ll feel: a blindfold on the eyes, an imprisonment in an hideaway. But isn’t it what we wanted to find obstinately? Isn’t the adrenaline of a looming danger that we intensely desired to have?

At the mercy of the astute Lady Kant, we find ourselves fully immersed – till the nose! – in her dark world, where it’s impossible to separate good from evil, black from white.

A world revealed by mystic myrrh, warm sandal and prickly ginger, where stealthy magnolia and the ylang ylang, roman chamomile, cardamom, vanilla and Benjamin tree move themselves. An hypnotic experience to feel again and again, to discover new and captivating gradations, overwhelmingly contrasting each other.

Eva Kant Perfume” è is an ambiguous sensation, out of box and running away from all the tries to catch or define it. A criminal fragrance, dangerously seductive. A No Time perfume, unique as unique is the Nez who realized it: Angelo Orazio Pregoni.

Not only the perfume, but all the elements – the packaging, its design, its materials: bakelite, glass – make this product an ‘outlaw’ one, because it want to be against the old ‘fascination rules’. A product that is expression of a renewed style, an authentic Italian one that merges the knowledge of the past with a real innovation spirit, light years far from stereotypes, to preserve intact the same creative energy that originated Diabolik, the King of Terror, his Blonde accomplice and more other icons.

Olfactory thinker and sensorial artist, Pregoni is the Nez who revolutionized the artistic perfumery with the brand O’DRIÙ. How can he resist to the temptation of planning a sui generis crime, the only homage to the sensuality of Eva Kant he can imagine?

Eva Kant's alluring beauty and complex layers defy easy characterization. It is a mysterious scent that feels like modern art, but it is also bold, sensual, organic, and meditative. It transports us to different places each time we wear it, and never reveals its layers the same way twice. Eva Kant is an extremely rich fragrance that feels more like a concentrated extrait than an eau de parfum. We invite you to discover its mesmerizing mystery.

Oriental Spicy
Grapefruit, lavender, woods, myrrh, sandalwood, ginger, magnolia, ylang-ylang, chamomile, cardamom, vanilla and benzoin

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