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Notes: Green Notes, Palm Blossom, Iris, Ginger, Galbanum, Violet, Olive, Sage, Lavender, Cardamom, Almond, Vanilla Bean, Sandalwood, Lily of the Valley

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A Fragrance About Affinity

HUMIECKI & GRAEF is proud to present CANDOUR, a fragrance about affinity. It is the auspicious ninth eau de toilette concentrée in the growing family of HUMIECKI & GRAEF scents for women and men. Taking up the established collection theme this new fragrance creation is based on another subtle yet precise aspect of the broad spectrum of human emotion. CANDOUR embodies the irreplaceable gift of mutual empathy that shared experience bestows on kindred spirits.
The name CANDOUR speaks of the special frankness and unguarded exchangeenjoyed by the truly “affine” when the expectation of acquaintance has given way to the delicate shorthand of knowing. The inspiration for the new HUMIECKI & GRAEF fragrance is a moment of reunion when such an affinity has been lived and lost, as in a chance meeting with a past love. CANDOUR exists at the crossroads of life’s ultimate rhetorical question: “What if…” It is the bracing starkness and utter clarity of this “moment of truth” where the sequel begins or the story ends for good. It is an encounter awash with the sweet melancholy of personal history yet vibrant with the here and now and full of verdant future promise –at once intimate and fresh. It is possession without ownership, knowledge without control, insight without judgment, the finite and the everlasting.
To express this particular state of “harmonious contrasts”, CANDOUR combines the refreshing vitality of green foliage with the warming earthy depth of calamus, orris, ginger and galbanum roots. Violet and olive leaves, wild sage and lavender add a dry herbal touch. This is softened with the subtle sweetness of almond and cardamom milk and vanilla bean, tempered by sandalwood and the floral tenderness of muguet. The result is a lush, green scent with a hint of parchment – a nod to a long, intimate correspondence. It is invigorating yet warm, soft and soothing, like the moment when past, present and future converge.
The embossed packaging pattern is based on a swan’s feather, the symbol of an omen that can be either good or bad: What if Elsa could be reunited with her Knight of the Swan, Lohengrin, after all? …
For HUMIECKI & GRAEF perfumers Christoph Hornetz & Christophe from DreamAir have once again succeeded in creating an extraordinary fragrance of subtle contrast and emotional complexity. CANDOUR is the delicate profundity of true affinity, the poignant potential of a chance reunion and the exhilarating clarity of knowing for sure.

Candour was created by Christoph Hornetz and Christophe Laudamiel

Notes: Green Notes, Palm Blossom, Iris, Ginger, Galbanum, Violet, Olive, Sage, Lavender, Cardamom, Almond, Vanilla Bean, Sandalwood, Lily of the Valley

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