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Kolonaki Eau de Parfum 100 ML

Citrus Gourmand

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Morph New Kolonaki 


A citrus scent able to make you relive your adolescence.

Intense parfum
A dazzling blend of citrus notes , grapefruit , mandarin and basil , wrapped in an exciting cornice of truffle.

This fragrance evokes Greece and folklore typical of its places.

Unisex scent, made ​​with natural elements in a mix of flowers, citrus, woods and amber.

In the November 1977 the caravan of the circus stopped in Dublin. It was really cold but the magical atmosphere of the circus conquered everyone.
The children felt invincible and the young kids get older. James, the tiger tamer, had already worn his bright costume and he was about to start his show carefully. It was the tenth year for him.
Two clowns were painting on their faces a sad smile, while the Japanese contortionist was repeating the passages, whereas the fire-eater and the young English juggler were looking at Penelope, and they were completely charmed by her. She was the best attraction of the circus.
She was 20 and she was a brave girl, but somebody would have called foolish acts what she defined passion. She had a disarming beauty and she became the queen of the show when she started to fly on the trapeze. Once she had been able to leave everyone breathless for half an hour in Athens.
In Madrid she had left everyone breathless too. In Rome and in Budapest the spectators had been clapping for ten minutes. She was born on the trapeze. Her family was made up by acrobats but Penelope didn’t use to speak about them. She sometimes spoke about her grandmother but that time a drop appeared on her beautiful face.
She had started to use trapeze for the first time in Greece with her grandmother. When she was 18 she had left her house and she had understood, since the first moment, that the circus was her destiny.
Penelope closed the door of her dressing room. She was just able to grab the door handle. She was shivering. Penelope closed her eyes and started to breath slowly. She heard James, he was shouting - “Off you go!”.
Suddenly Penelope’s heart started to beat quickly. Penelope took her necklace off. In that jewel there was hidden a phial.
She opened it and a fragrance of citrus brought her memories back to the youth. She remembered when she had walked with her grandmother in the street market of Kolonaki, she recollected the trapeze and their laughter. Penelope took the ampoule back into the jewel unwaveringly. Her grandmother had been right.
She would have never felt like a star without that fragrance.
Now she was ready for the show. That odor, so lasting and discrete, filled the dressing room and Penelope’s heart as usual. The fragrance gave her courage. Morph has reproduced the fragrance of the ampoule of Penelope accurately, according to her grandmother’s recipe, with his characteristic of instilling passion, courage and a little of unconsciousness that makes people special.

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