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Antigua Eau de Parfum 100 ML
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Fresh Salty

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Morph Antigua 

A scent that you can not remember, it can only be lived.

Intense parfum

The smell of the sea, the seal of musk and tonka bean , make this fragrance a scent that you can not remember, it can only be lived.
This irresistible fragrance recalls the Caribbean Sea and freedom inspired by its places.

Unisex scent, made ​​with natural elements in a fresh, salty and intense mix.

 Admiral Oliver Freeman had marked with the red pen that 16 of April in his logbook. Oliver and his big English ship were heading to Antigua impatiently and wishful. Oliver’s father was a seaman too.

 An English family with the passion for the sea, that hated the dry land. He had been enlisted in the navy when he was 19, and after 33 years of unceasing  sailing, when he went arrived in the dry land, he used to spend less time drinking with his crew, looking forward to take on board again.
But when he arrived in Antigua it was a different story. He would have never left that place, as he used to say when he came back on the ship after a sojourn on the island. the reason wasn’t the crystal clear sea, nor the white pearl and subtle sand.
His passion for Antigua had a female name, Dulce, she seemed as goddess with an amber colored skin. Dulce used to wait for Oliver every year, the same day for 8 years. The air was brimming with Oliver’s fragrance before he was embraced by her.
Admiral Freeman brought with him the summer breeze, the sound of the waves, the mysterious charm of India and the warmth of the Caribbean isles. Dulce would have wanted to smell that odor every day of the year, but it was not possible, because her brain seemed to forget that wonderful fragrance every time Oliver went away. A fragrance like that cannot be remembered, it can only be  lived.
Dulce used to organize the details of that day for weeks. She used to rub on her skin a bright unguent obtained by an essence of seaweeds and Caribbean flowers. She used to brush her long hair and adorn it with a red flower. She used to choose the dress carefully, dreaming to be with him. She would have never dismissed him.
The same things happened that 16 of April, 1937. Dulce and Oliver recognized each other among the crowd. The odor of the sea brought by Oliver started to mix with the sweet fragrance of Dulce’s skin, creating an extraordinary aroma, a scent that was able to pass every barrier.
They lived on that fragrance, kiss after kiss, breath after breath. The complementary effect of their odors left everyone speechless. Their perfect fusion created something of unbelievable and unique, just as Dulce’s sensations in Oliver’s arm.
That fragrance filled the island. It opened every door entering in the houses and in the hearts of the  people. Everyone smiled and felt very touched by it.
On the 16 of April 1937 the ship of Admiral Freeman docked in Saint Barth for the last time.
Oliver knew he was going to blaze a new route for the following year, but he decided to not say anything to Dulce. That night, when he was lying next to Dulce for the last time, he caressed the skin of Dulce with a textile. The fragrance of that mysterious unguent of seaweeds and flowers remained on that fabric.
Then Oliver rubbed that textile on his skin too, so the odor of sea, sand and salt was captured. Oliver hid that fabric in his logbook, and the following day he left the island of Antigua. He would have never come there again, he would have never met Dulce again. When the girl woke up, she saw the piece of textile and she understood that the Admiral would have never come back again.
Fresh Salty
Top notes: myrtle, water lily, aquatic notes
Heart notes: seaweeds, eucalyptus, white thyme .
Base notes: musk, tonka bean.

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