Caldo Orientale 50 ML Parfum full tester

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  • Caldo Orientale 50 ML Parfum full tester
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Officina delle Essenze - Caldo Orientale
"Caldo Orientale" - the warm Orient - is a sensual fragrance that brings our soul to an exotic midnight full of passion in Marrakesh.

"Caldo Orientale" offers a full bouquet of bergamot, anise and ylang-ylang which expresses the full richness of the Orient with myrrh, lignum vitae and ambergrisvanilla paired with patchouli and musk to achieve a wonderful depth.

I Caldi
"When I started with these creations I thought about a few fragrances that could convey the feeling of warmth. Moving from this point of view I began to penetrate the different olfactory families and subfamilies, mixing precious raw materials, trying to find that thin line that joins our sense of smell with our subconscious. Everyone carries images of warmth in their personal memories and I have tried to pick up some of them that you can recognize inside yourself, or not...." Maurizio Lembo.

Notes :
Bergamot, Anise, Ylang-Ylang,  Myrrh, Guaiacwood, Amber, Vanilla,
Patchouli, Musk

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