SAVANE OUD Eau de parfum 100 ml

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  • SAVANE OUD  Eau de parfum 100 ml
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Torre of Tuscany - SAVANE OUD 100 ML EDP

A trail snaking through dryly scented savannah grass, past trees with spiny fronds. A dark clearing. A fire. A shaman. The sacred aroma of Oud wood rises potent and sensual, blending with worldly scents. A new fragrance patterns the air. The perfume of a meeting: of man and the god of Nature. 

A lattice woven of dry and wild notes captures orchids and the intense balm of acacia flowers. A daring perfume, unforgettable, dappled with spices and woody resins. That unveils the elegant side of Oud wood and smoothes its every primordial roughness.

In the words of the maître parfumeur
‘I placed the narcissus flower at the centre of an arrangement with an absolutely feminine character, vaguely gourmand. Narcissus is a creature who transcends the limits of physical being. Who discerns, accepts, and comes to love his most intimate feminine nature.’


Top Note: Herbal Notes

Heart Note: Acacia Blossom, Orchid

Base Note: Spices, Patchouly, Agarwood (Oud)

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