Frescoamaro Eau de Parfum 95 ml full tester

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  • Frescoamaro Eau de Parfum 95 ml full tester
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Profumi del Forte - Frescoamaro


From the diary of the Maître Parfumeur:

«... There is a trace of fresh fruits in the air, melon, mint... The fragrant scent invades gardens and borders, stinging me with a hint of bitterness. Memory of lawns. And of sweet waters flowing slowly. I’ll translate in my perfume this hymn to life. Hymn of fresh transparencies, rounded in the moods of earth and wood... ».

An original plot of green notes and fruity scents in the heart of a perfume that is constantly changing . The debut is very fresh, with a touch of resin to enhance the alcoholic notes of gin. Then the persistence of osmanthus and the delicacy of Damascus rose...And a slow descent towards warm woody notes and mosses, to leave fine traces of sensual sophistication on the skin.

Every detail of these extremely simple and yet elegant products by I Profumi del Forte is characterized by outstanding quality; from the selection of raw materials and the manual processing to the packaging. Especially the packaging - a hand ground, engraved glass flacon from Siena with a precious marble stopper from the Versilia reflects the perfect philosophy of the company and its strong attachment to Tuscany; its traditions and the artistic craftsmanship and richness of the region.

Green - Aquatic
Top Note: Cucumber, Melon, Violet Leaves, Juniper Berries, Gin, Cypress, Mint
Heart Note: Osmanthus, Damask Rose
Base Note: Musk, Sandalwood, Vetiver


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