Cuir Blanc EDP 100 ML

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  • Cuir Blanc EDP 100 ML
  • Cuir Blanc EDP 100 ML
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Evody - Cuir Blanc Eau de Parfum 

Intimate and exclusive, Cuir blanc unlocks the secret codes of delicacy, luxury and passion. Opening with restraint, it deepens powerfully on contact with the skin to pulse with sensuality.
A perfume where the sky meets the earth, melding white musk with suave Russian Leather, smokey and capricious…

This leathery note was discovered by the Cossaks (the Tzar's soldiers) while they rubbed their boots against the birches. It is one of the most ancient note in perfumery.
Its fragrance is dry and reminds the smoky note of wood or tobacco or chimney fire.

Violet leaf
Iris, Amber
White musk, Russian leather

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