24 Old Bond Street - Triple Extract 50 ml

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  • 24 Old Bond Street - Triple Extract 50 ml
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Atkinsons 1799 - 24 Old Bond Street - Triple Extract  Eau de Cologne Concentrée 50 ml 

Atkinsons 1799 - Triple Extract
The fabulous alchemical journey of 24 Old Bond Street as an Triple Extract
Based on the idea of a triple distillation, Triple Extract is an over-intensive and more diverse version of the original "24 Old Bond Street". Each of its characteristic notes the iconic juniper-rose-blacktea-whiskey accord was extremely intensified so that they create a new radiant experience und pure performance in  terms of  intensity, freshness and character.
The Triple Extract Formula
1. It's fresher!
The spicy radiance of juniper and cardamom is enhanced and perpetuated by Galbanum. An effect that gives the top note an extra stimulating vitality.
2. It's richer
The rose superessence is extracted per an exclusively developed hydro-distillation process. This intensifies, yes, even glorifies the freshness of the ethereal floral heart note, while Green Tea is highlighted by black tea to add a bittersweet earthiness.
3. It's stronger
Inspired by the velvety softness and the triple distilled whiskey, the legendary peaty oak barrel-like depth: addictive incense nuances and an overdose of tonka beans give the woody amber drydown an intensely flattering, multifaceted almond-ish character.
Atkinsons 24 Old Bond Street Triple Extract is the incredible quintessence of 24 Old Bond Street!
Refurbished and multiple intensified, with more character, more power and glory and dramatic contrasts.
The whiskey-soaked, fresh-floral infusion from blossom, spice and wood chords gives Triple extract not just a simple, no, no two times, but even three times the elemental power of 24 Old Bond Street.
Triple Extract will triple your fragrance pleasure!
Triple Extract is the strongest, most precious, full-bodied concentrate of Atkinsons’ emblematic English Cologne: 24 Old Bond Street. It is a Triple Crown fragrance of astounding perfume pedigree, so devastatingly potent that it is dispensed from a smoked glass apothecary flacon. 24 Old Bond Street Triple Extract is a triumph of English elegance and goes to prove that three times is most certainly the charm.
Triple distilled to find intense freshness and character in notes of juniper, rose, whiskey and black tea.
Aromatic Spicy
Top Note: Galbanum, Juniper, Cardamom
Heart Note: Rose, Whiskey, Green Tea
Base Note: Frankincense, Tonka Bean, Ambergris, Musk, Black Tea, Cedarwood

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