Amethyst tester with 90 ml left

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  • Amethyst tester with 90 ml left
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a Fruity, Floral, Musky
fragrance for a natural, radiant and sensual woman.

Amethyst, the false innocence of a fresh and luminous composition wrapped with a musky sensuality. The perfumer created this multifaceted fragrance combining the strength of wild nature with the sophistication of flowers. A fruity and daring top note of charming blackberry blends with the crunchy and acidulous character of the blackcurrant berry. Blackberry bush leaves bring a vegetal freshness, rounded by the velvety softness of raspberry. The top note's naturality lingers thanks to a surprising floral bouquet. The wild rose lights up the lily and ylang-ylang to create a suave and voluptuous note. The musk’s smoothness unveils an elegant femininity. Intense and vibrant, it is enriched with the depth of sensual woods and the refinement of vanilla.

Blackberry Leaves, Wild Rose, Lily Ylang, Musk, Sensual Wood, Vanilla.

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