Luberon 15 ml Pure Parfum

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  • Luberon 15 ml Pure Parfum
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Maria Candida Gentile - Luberon

Luberon is not just a love letter to the same region in southern France, but also a summery composition of yearning.

Herbaceous lavender spice meets winsome, freshly blossomed roses. Not only a dream in a summer flowerbed, but also a perfume pair that embody sublime beauty and grace, presence and expression. If you close your eyes you dream of far, far away places where clusters of lavender dance in the gentle breeze of a summer evening. The atmosphere is peaceful and balanced and everything exudes the tranquility and sweetness of holidays spent in the south.

Luberon is a composition which comes directly from the natural valleys of the south of France
in spring. It carries the gently relaxing and comforting scents of this beautiful and happy region, the Luberon. The delicate fresh herbs are blended with an oak musk.

Family Aromatic, Flower, Citrus
top note Mediterranean lavender
heart note May Rose
base note Oak Musk

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