Pathetique Eau de Parfum 50 ml

  • Pathetique Eau de Parfum 50 ml
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The perfume is born by an artistic performance which Pregoni executed on-line. The Nose interpreted some very weird characters, this way highlighting the stereotypes that are at the base of the luxury marketing and of the artistic perfumery especially. Pathétique is the umpteenth fundamental perfume of “Coming Perfumery”, the inimitable style of O’DRIÙ. Pregoni’s alter ego Gian Clod – the Nose from Zurlì – in the fiction made a perfume with “Goat’s blackberries”, a very rare raw material. Instead, in the reality Pregoni went over every creative limits, giving “his masterpiece” to history!

Pathétique has a new and unique execution: a feeling of Italian soil – realized through an atypical use of black truffle smell – opens the doors to bergamot orange sensations and cocoa butter perceptions, meanwhile the holy wonder of daring and elegant incense grows among short flowers scents and strong juniper, exotic black pepper and burned mystic woods. Mosses, mimosa, vetyver and amyris unite themselves to tell the truth, the newness and the originality, until the perfume gives a scare sensation. When the vanilla comes up, it seems nothing belong to our world and the miracle of worry is not a banal, unimaginative or already tried one.

Pathétique is a contemporary artwork.

Woody Aromatic
Black truffle accord, bergamot, incense, juniper, black pepper, burned wood accord, moss, mimosa, vetyver and amyris

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