Adele Eau de Parfum 100 ml

  • Adele Eau de Parfum 100 ml
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Gritti - White Collection - Adèle

Adèle shines in the bright luminescence of freshly cut flowers, velvety corollas stand out in the dim light saturating the space with spontaneity and harmony, it's a new promise of joy, a lovely concoction of gentle aromas.

The fragrance is well suited to express the olfactory transposition of Vermeer 's masterpiece, the Lacemaker, a docile girl dedicated to the art of embroidery, an imposing figure that emanates the fervor for an ancient and precious passion. The girl is softly folded in the gesture, radiating the surrounding space with the dazzling yellow narcissus shade of the dress, embellished with the refined detail of a starched lace collar.

The fragrance exudes the same harmony, possesses the sublime elegance of the flowers, the richness of the silky petals, the delight of the aromatic contrasts. As an elaborate interweaving of garland held by silk ribbons, the notes embrace without wriggling, jasmine and May rose in their sensual expression define the incipit, suddenly made smooth and caressing by the soft hue of osmanthus. Then magically, the initial tenderness opens to intoxicating carnal shades of tuberose and narcissus, engraved by the passionate nuance of amber, bearer of shadows and mysteries, sealed in the imperishable memory of cedarwood.

Oriental Floral
Top Note: Jasmine, Osmanthus, Rose of May
Heart Note: Tuberose, Narcissus
Base Note: Ambergris, Cedarwood

The White Collection
For the White Collection, Gritti Venetia explores the most subtle nuances of femininity. It is inspired by the tales of an intimate and solemn ritual in which every woman discovers the pleasure to fulfill her desires, giving the fragrance the primary role of decoding her mood, amplifying the presence of a memory, raising emotions, summon a smile, interpret a passion and indulge in the inevitable feeling of passionate abandonment in its embrace.

A soft intimacy in which discover the slowness of gestures, the fragrance becomes an affective and precious garment to be worn close to heart. And just right there, where emotions come to life, these new precious laces can shine through a renewed femininity.

The delicate olfactive inlays defined by seductive notes of flowers and fruits, the rich oriental nuances, the sleek tenderness of vanilla, the resolve of musk and patchouli, mark the triumph of an eternal classics in a sublime contemporary expression.

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