Epic Woman Extrait de Parfum

  • Epic Woman Extrait de Parfum
  • Epic Woman Extrait de Parfum
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Amouage - Epic Woman 50 ml  Extrait de Parfum

Legends of the Silk Road
A woman in the dusk. The desert wind tears at the delicate veil that covers her face. In the distance she sees a light that guides the way in her search for the fatal missing aria - from Arabiato Chinaalong the Silk Road...

The theme of this latest Amouage fragrance is the legendary aria from Puccini´s unfinished opera, Turandot. The legend says that one day the composer Puccini completed the opera and then buried the completed work somewhere in the sands along the Silk Road. The last act of the opera, it is said, was an incomparable aria, which could not possibly be sung by a human voice...

The legendary city of Ubarin Omanis the starting point for a journey in search of this missing aria, which leads us along the Silk Roadthrough the Orient and over the highest mountains in the world - to China. The way of the ancient caravans, that carried silk and other treasures over many hundreds of miles, where tea, gold, pearls and jade from China where exchanged for precious silver frankincense from the Oman - a legendary land where the valuable raw materials can be found that were used in the composition of this new Amouage fragrance.

The fragrance
West Indian bay leaf and cinnamon slowly divulge an aromatic top note, accompanied by feminine chords of Chinese tea, geranium and jasmine. Rounded off by orris root, frankincense, patchouli and sandalwood, Amouge Epic Woman is a warm scent that envelops any woman who wears with a veil made of precious silk.

The flacon
The Epic Woman flacon is inspired by the rich green colour of jadeite which is highly prized in the Orient due to its mythical powers, which they say protects from evil spirits. The mother-of-pearl packaging design is inspired by valuable and rare Chinese pearls.

Oriental Floral
Top notes: cumin, pink bay, cinnamon.
Heart notes: damascene rose, geranium, jasmine, tea.
Base notes: amber, musk, frankincense, oud, sandalwood, guaiac wood, patchouli, vanilla, orris.

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