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Andrea Maack Parfums - Sharp Eau de Parfum 50 ml 

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Sharp was made for an art exhibition to accompany an artisanal dress with drawings carved into the material, creating a repetitive signature pattern.
The precision of the artwork can be found in the essence of this scent, within the delicate layering of notes, which sharpen as the perfume is dissected. Sharp is a statement piece, an attention seeker – you will never go unnoticed whilst wearing it.Although the sweet and
airy notes that include a pungent orange blossom note are dominate, it’s the dark and mysterious ones that will engage you.
Such a lovely, soft vanilla with a sprinkling of candyfloss, such a pillowy cloud of white florals and almond-kissed powder – how can this be called Sharp with all of this dreamy, puffy stuff? Yet there is something dangerous here, under the surface - edgy and narcotic. Insistent, yet elusive. This is still a sweet, soft scent – make no mistake – but it is not an insipid one. There is, indeed, a sharpness to it. The prick of the unexpected needle, the steel blade hidden under lacy petticoats, the sweet voice urging you to go ahead and try the apple. Like all of the best fairy tales, this has a dark side and as you wear it, the hint of bitterness becomes more present – making the sweetness all the more compelling by contrast. Although the sweet and airy notes are dominant, it’s the dark and mysterious ones that make this so very addictive. 
Source from Lucky Scent 
Oriental Floral
Top Note: Orange Blossom
Heart Note: Coal
Base Note: Vanilla, White Musk

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