Anni Venti Silky Dry Body Oil 250 ML

  • Anni Venti Silky Dry Body Oil 250 ML
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Anniventi Silky Dry Body Oil 250 ML

A highly nourishing and hydrating perfumed body oil for a smooth and fragrant skin. Its hydrating qualities make it also suitable for hair and nails.

Ideal for an after-bath massage.

Unico Olio with its delicate scent, has been formulated to create a moment of perfect relax and daily wellbeing.
The absence of mineral oils and dyes makes Unico Olio perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive and dry skin. The presence of vitamin E contributes to the antioxidant effect, delays the signs of aging and reduces wrinkles. Unico Olio is quickly absorbed and does not stain. It can be used on body and hair. Unico Olio is non-foaming and is not water-soluble. Unico Olio does not contain any UVA or UVB solar filters. 

This perfume has been created to celebrate my first 20 years of work: an essence of my experience and memories.

I dedicate this creation to those whom, in these 20 years, have slowly discovered me perfume after perfume, to those who support me and love me despite my temper, unconditionally.

“Anni venti” signs a special anniversary for me and I would like it to become the perfume for everybody’s special anniversaries, for those unique moments that deserve to be celebrated with joy and passion.

My happiness and my love for this job would be senseless if not shared. However, sharing does not mean uncovering, and I do not intend to unveil the notes of this special blend.

Special things don’t need an explanation: they belong to us, we love them, and they are just meant to be for ourselves.

Those wearing “anni venti” will be wearing a reassuring and precious secret.

Both bottle and packaging of “anni venti” are scrupulously manufactured by skilful Florentine craftsmen.

The perfume is infused for one year and has each single drop filtered manually for five times through a long and complex process.

Fragrance: ANNI VENTI
The beginning. The 20s of the last Century have signed many beginnings. Skirts were shortened and women emancipated with the freshness and the joy of living which banned old constrictions. New original and surprising notes have created an olfactive frenzy that paved the way to the modern art of perfumery. An age to wear with a secret mélange that does not need any explanations.

Does not contain dyes, parabens, petrolatum or silicones.

Geurpiramide is geheimgehouden.

De mening van ParfuMaria:
Deze geur is niet zomaar een geur. Laura Tonatto heeft deze geur speciaal gemaakt ter ere van haar 20 jarig jubileum. Welk jubileum dan? 20 Jaar werken aan prachtige parfums.
Anni Venti is een zeer bijzondere uitvoering en dat ruik je meteen. Deze geur is voor een diva gemaakt en zo voel je je ook meteen als je deze geur opdoet. Heel chique en boordevol exclusieve componenten die deze geur zo uniek en vefijnd maken. Met deze geur maak je indruk. Voor mij ruikt het nostalgisch en naar vintageparfums. Anni Venti ruikt een tikje poederig en poëtisch. Ik weet niet waarom maar ik moet denken aan operazangeressen en dan de sfeer van een toneel en de geur die daarbij hoort. Zelfs in je slonzigste outfit voel je je met deze geur op en top gekleed. Heerlijk en echt een must have!!!

Tekst: Maria van Geuren.
© ParfuMaria


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