Jasmine In Tangerine 100 ml

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  • Jasmine In Tangerine 100 ml
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Atkinsons - Jasmine In Tangerine Eau de Parfum 100 ml

Jasmine is steeped in the floral language of love and passion. Just as Lord Krishna brought the jasmine tree from heaven for his beloved wife Rukmini, Sir Thomas Milington, the noted 18th Century English Physician and adventurer, brought back the purest jasmine flower from India as an act of Love to England.

Jasmine in Tangerine is a contemporary tribute to this romantic expedition. It is a radically impertinent take on Jasmine that marries with a charming irreverence the exotic solar beauty of the Indian flower and the sparkling suavity of a tangerine squeeze, a fruit delicacy exclusively enjoyed by the Royal Society in the 1800s. 

This is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Jasmine In Tangerine was launched in 2014. The fragrance features jasmine and tangerine.

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