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Bruno Acampora - Musc Eau de Parfum

For some it is simply the best musk available between Rome and Tokyo. If you wish to remain unnoticed, then don’t choose Musc. It has the intensity of pure resins with the subtle hints of tenderness.

The smell of resin, evoked by the damp scents recall images of Venetian streets. The perfume that can't be ignored. It's probably one of the best musks in the world. It's a golden oil containing a musk head, a heart of rose, jasmine, violet, vanilla, amber, and clove that fade into a base of patchouly, penang and sandalwood, which give the essence the scent of moist earth. It expresses the warmth of the resins, reassurance, comfort. Floral fourgere woody olfactory family.

Woody Floral Musc
Top notes: musk
Heart notes: rose, violet, vanilla, amber
Bottom notes: patchouly, penang, sandalwood
Acampora Profumin the Eau de Parfums

Eau de Bruno (100ml) is available across 7 Acampora rare essences. EAU DE BRUNO
As the rare oils were able to satisfy the needs of sophisticated and demanding consumers, the “Eau de Parfum” has become a product for a wider range of customers. The 8 EdP essences are a diluted form of the original oils, but have not lost any of the essence principals. In fact, the new perfumes bring out the excellence and purity of the scents. They have the exact same olfactory output of the pure essences. 

The natural spray format delivers a fresh, light touch. An ideal top-up throughout the day for the pure essences.

Eau de Parfum products are packaged in polished aluminium.

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