Calé Fragranze d’Autore


Calé Fragranze d’Autore


A real passion and enormous respect for the art of perfumery are the solid foundations beneath Calé Fragranze d´Autore. Creations of olfactory poetry dedicated to those who like to ”listen” to perfumes, allowing them to win them over with the tales and the magic that emanate from them.

Silvio Levi has created all his perfumes with the same love and commitment that all authors invest in generating their works. He has entrusted an important task his perfumes: to narrate the stories and emotions that gave life to them, as only certain fragrances know how to do, and he trusts they will be appreciated for what they are, for their intrinsic, spontaneous beauty.

Introducing Calé Fragranze d’Autore

Silvio Levi is well aware of how incredibly effective a perfume can be at giving a palpable substance to emotions and how it can sometimes be even more explicit and forceful than words, images and sounds. Each perfume from Calé Fragranze d´Autore is inspired by short excerpts from stories, flashes of memories and emotions to which Silvio Levi wishes to give an olfactory form.

His words provide the guideline for the creative verve of the perfumer. This companion in adventure has been selected from a group of perfumers he has learned to admire for the virtuosity expressed in their most intimate creations. Each one of them is a veritable artist of great experience and extensive compositional skill who has learned to penetrate inside Silvio Levi´s stories and translate them, with mastery and eloquence, into perfumed interpretations.


It is only when Silvio Levi, donning the robe of the ”narrator”, states with utter conviction ”yes, this is my story!”, that a new perfume by Calé Fragranze d´Autore is born.

That is how fragrances are born that will then be “narrated” to those who are prepared to “listen” with a free,sincerely critical spirit, trusting that some will find them to contain their own stories, emotions and passions and will elect them to be the perfect ambassadors of their lifestyles.