Moramanga Pure Parfum 100 ML

  • Moramanga Pure Parfum 100 ML
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Moramanga takes us to the heart of Africa with an aim to explore its best ingredients—velvety vanilla kissing intense tuberose! Top notes incorporate a floral choir leaving an elegant, powdery trail. Flowers of jasmine, gardenia and Japanese iris fill the first fragrant wave warmed with resins in the heart: tolu balm, Ethiopian opoponax and benzoin, resting on a rich and exotic base of tuberose from Madagascar, Polynesian ylang-ylang, Madagascar vanilla and Asian musk.

An opulent perfume that expresses the colors and scents of the flowers of Madagascar.

The juice leaves exotic traces, while alluding to the enchanting warmth of a generous nature.

A journey to discover Africa and its best raw materials, a velvet vanilla, kissing intense tuberose.

Oriental Floral
Top: Jasmine, gardenia, Indian iris of Japan.
Heart: Colombian tolu, benzoin, Ethiopian opoponax.
Base: Tuberous of Madagascar, ylang ylang of Polynesia, vanilla of Madagascar, musk of Asia.

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