Liquid Soap -Pure Petals 300 ml

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  • Liquid Soap -Pure Petals 300 ml
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Pure Petals Liquid Soap

A delicate floral with gentle notes of rosebud and gooseberry. Like entering a florist's shop.

Category: Gentle floral
Notes: Rose, Musk, Woods, Gooseberry

Liquid Soaps
The Eau d'Italie Liquid Soaps truly are what they are called: pure, natural, vegetal-based liquid soap that leave the skin softly scented with the same gorgeous notes of the Eau d'Italie Home Diffuser Collection. The 300 ml pump bottle is ideal for washing hands, but the Eau d'Italie Liquid Soaps are also a wonderful option for bath and shower, when what is wanted is a really mild, non-aggressive washing.


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