Eau Radieuse

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Humiecki & Graef - Eau Radieuse
A fragrance about desire.
It is a futuristic remake of an Eau de Cologne. It is spherical, light and full of clarity and describes the longing for ease. It takes you to a fantastic world on an unknown planet.

A fragrance inspired by the clarity of a futuristic remake of an Eau de
A cool, tingling feeling on the skin is achieved by the combination of fresh
banana skin notes, tangy mandarin, Italian lemon, revitalizing peppermint
leaves, rhubarb juice and a bamboo juice chord.
Every fragrance of Humiecki & Graef was created on the basis of a ”raw sketch” and then arranged around its own skeleton. The perfumes are star shaped and not pyramidical which helps the fragrance to develop itself harmonically and lastingly.
Christophe Laudamiel has developed perfumes with an individual character for Humiecki & Graef that interpret and realise the ancient idea of a perfume as a work of art in a modern way.

Aromatic Fruity
Notes: Banana, Tangerine Peel, Lemon, Mint, Rhubarb, Bamboo

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