Friedemodin was created by Nina Friede and Elisabeth Modin, two friends united in London by our fascination and love of perfumery.



A German and a Swede walk into a London coffee shop. A friendship is forged between these women who have lived and learned all over the world, from Italy to India. Passion for perfume has underlined every experience, flaring amid the passport stamps, impossible to forget. They bring bottles to their next meeting, sharing their favourite scents, possessed by this passion that has gotten under their skin. They cannot leave it alone. They start working on their first collection alongside legendary perfumer Francois Robert. The rest is Friedemodin perfume story.


Combining traditional perfumery with contemporary elegance to create fragrances that are personal, inspirational and tailor-made.


Nina Friede

Born in an Artist’s villagein Germany, famed for the Worpswede School – a group of famous artists who lived there in order to capture the unique landscape. The dancing light, the uninterrupted horizon, and the shifting scents that rose from the meadow, heath and spring, season after season, continue to inspire her. Her mother’s love for fine fragrance captured her mind at first light, and as a child Nina collected miniature perfume bottles. Fragrance is her life-long passion, and becoming a perfumer, her dearest dream. As a brand and product strategist within the hospitality industry she has created bespoke travel miniatures for airlines and luxury hotels, for the likes of Annick Goutal, Jean Patou and Gianfranco Ferre.

Elisabeth Modin

Born on the Swedish island, Lidingö, her formative years were framed by nature’s
miraculous scents and vistas. Cycling to school every day, through forests and fields of wildflowers, running wild and barefoot through the grass. A move to Africa, then the US, shaped her traveller’s heart. A visit to Grasse at the age of 15 planted a seed. She has worked all over the world as an Experience Designer and Product Manager for trailblazing companies, which include Skype. Both Nina Friede & Elisabeth Modin live and work in London.

Friede Modin

we bring our passion and experience together in friedemodin, offering a personal and authentic approach to perfumery


The Master perfumer 

The jardin mystique collection was developed together with highly prestigious French perfumer, Francois Robert, who has over 20 years experience designing luxury fragrances.

A 4th generation perfumer, he followed in the footsteps of his father Guy Robert as he was initiated in the olfactory arts at an early age in Grasse, France. He already knew at the age of 14 that he was to become a perfumer. After training in Grasse and working all over the world, Francois continues the legacy of the family.

Le parfum est un peu comme un miroir de la personnalité. On s’imagine de telle ou telle façon. On veut se montrer différent ou soi même. Le parfum est comme un habit qui reflète la personnalité de celui qui porte le parfum. C’est une signature olfactive.

Perfume is like a mirror of your personality. You can imagine yourself in many ways. You show yourself differently, or you show yourself as you are. Perfume is like an outfit that reflects the personality of the wearer. It is a scented signature.


Unlock your imagination. Friedemodin are curators of emotion. Storytellers, inviting you on
a journey. Distillers of an experience that will transport you through the poweriof
UNLOCK YOUR IMAGINATION perfume. Friedemodin’s mysterious scents sit within curated collections. Every collection tells a different, but very personal Perfume story, and within their collections,

Vertine 100 ML
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Vertine 100 ML

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