Grain de Plaisir Eau de Toilette 120 ml

  • Grain de Plaisir Eau de Toilette 120 ml
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GRAIN DE PLAISIR  Eau de Toilette 120 ml

‘Les Aromatiques’

Grain de Plaisir was created for men by J.F. Laporte, who like an aromatic scent. A fresh note combined with exotic woods and resins, lead to a oil that is won from a seed grain of the celery.

 This seed comes from the white/green umbels of the celery. It smells fresh and spicy. A terrific mixture, very masculine and after the old botanic teachings an aphrodisiac. It gives its carrier a sporty charisma, mixed with dynamic and elegance. A scent composition, which reminds of nature, life on the country and the pleasures of life.

Grain de plaisir - Just a bit of celery, a lemon peel, a mint leaf· This inventive and playful association reveals a fresh accord on an exotic wood note. Its spirit reminds you of grassland and gives a sensation of inner happiness.

Woody Aromatic

Topnote: Lemon Peel, Mint

Heartnote: Celery Seeds, Mastic Resin, Myrtle, Lavender

Basenote: Fir, Vetiver, Musk Sandalwood


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