Doped Tuberose

  • Doped Tuberose
  • Doped Tuberose
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Gritti - Doped Tuberose  Eau de Parfum 100 ml 

The infinite horizon of the desert, the mysterious shadows, horses being ridden at breakneck speed by the princes of the sky. In a moment, everything stops. The encounter with a woman whose beauty I have long searched for and now found.

The Flacon
The flacon is deep black with a high gloss finish and is rather unusually presented on its end like a bound and valuable book, which holds the most interesting stories for the reader. The elegant design is highlighted by the golden plaque on the "spine" with the name of the fragrance.

Gritti – Venetia
During the 1500’s amidst the Renaissance and splendor of the Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia, lived Alvise Gritti, noble physician, alchemist and traveller, but above all a brilliant and reckless mind.

Surrounded by the family of the Doge, its court with all its vices, its intrigues and its mysteries, he decided to take the road from Venice to the lands of the east, like a prince in search of something new. Amidst the cities, the peoples, the smells, the cultures, Alvise dipped into the fleeting realm of aromas and began an introspective journey.

Eccentric and charming, Alvise returned to the Venetian court, but as another man, obsessed by the fear of forgetting the experiences he gained.

He worked long and hard, transcribing unique notes which today, with the utmost regard for the olfactory pictures he described, have given rise to the fragrances of the Gritti range.

Gritti retrace the significant stages of his spiritual journey, using the artistic language that it knows best... Perfume.

Top Note: Bergamot, Lemon, Lavender
Heart Note: Tuberose, Jasmine, Frankincense
Base Note: Patchouly, Benzoin, Cedarwood

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