Cannabis Eau de Parfum Concentrée 50 ml

  • Cannabis Eau de Parfum Concentrée 50 ml
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Il Profumo - Cannabis Osmo Parfum 

From this Osmo parfum comes a real peak of pleasure; the skin is exalted with a sensual hint of amber that makes this particular alchemy even more sensual.

Elegant, hypnotic, provocative, olfactorily unusual it blends psyco-physical pleasure with that on the skin.

Oriental Floral
Notes: cannabis, floral notes and amber.

The osmology is the science of smells. Osmosis instead is the physical phenomenon of absorption and exchange through a membrane of absorption, in this case the skin.
Osmo absolus are in an oily solution. Mother’s essence, at high qualification. It fuse, ripens and mixes with an oil of sweet almonds and a mix of vitamin, vehicular and hydrating noble oils.

Olfactive Results
They rest on the skin without leaning any wake; they develop with intensity, giving a pleasant olfactive sensation to who wear them.
Epidermis absorbs for osmosis primary essences and slow release. As time goes by, until 24 hours, perfume intensity improves, becoming a personal “scent”, that give its uniqueness.

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