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INeKE - Botanist's Travel Sprays - Sweet William Eau de Parfum 15 ml 

Woody and Sweet

A peach schnapps note introduces the spicy Sweet William floral accord, and is further warmed with cinnamon, clove and cumin essential oils. The dominant wood notes are a blend of cedarwood, sandalwood and patchouly softened with Bourbon vanilla.

Botanist’s Travel Sprays
A scent library of four faux-books containing travel sprays has joined Ineke Rühland’s Floral Curiosities fragrance collection.

Four flowers with distinct personalities are represented in the collection. Each flower’s unique character is expressed through the artistically rendered packaging, which uses fine art and calligraphy in a vintage book design.

Sweet William [Dianthus barbatus]
So floriferous, so deliciously scented and fascinatingly frilly! Also called a ‘gillyflower’ or 'pink', Sweet William has been grown since the 1500's and symbolizes gallantry in the Victorian language of flowers. He is one of the most indispensable plants for cottage and fragrance gardens, with charming flowers and a tidy habit that make it easy to see why he has been around so long.

Bursting out from a low, dense, compact blue-green mat, his blooms range from white to pink to the deepest of reds. His clove-spicy fragrance makes weeding your garden a sensual experience.

Floral Woody Musk
Top Note: Peach, Cinnamon, Clove
Heart Note: Carnation, Sandalwood, Cedarwood
Base Note: Patchouly, Bourbon Vanilla

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