The Absolutes - Divine Attraction Eau de Parfum 90 ml

  • The Absolutes - Divine Attraction Eau de Parfum 90 ml
  • The Absolutes - Divine Attraction Eau de Parfum 90 ml
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Initio - The Absolutes - Divine Attraction Eau de Parfum 90 ml

From "The absolute" collection, Initio presents their creation "Divine Attraction" - the divine power of attraction. This power may be of divine origin and smoky vetiver recalls the ancient incense offerings to the gods, but this has a very earthly aspect like two people who are magically attracted to each other.

The smoky and slightly wicked double chord of leather and vetiver dominates "Divine Attraction" and fires the most sensual and audacious fantasies. A provocative perfume - worn by a man, it enchants, worn by a woman, it fascinates and bewitches.


Leather and Vetiver blend beauty, strength and the supernatural within an accord that loves to provoke. The fragrance that feeds fantasies.
Ambivalent powers, supernatural vibrations
Ginger electrifies while incense hypnotises 
A fragrance to feed fantasies, assault dreams
Bewildering provocation, it intoxicates the senses...
Main accord: leather, vetiver, Cedarwood, Iso E Super
Initio, 2 ranges, 1 universe:
The Absolutes, 4 creations elaborated from the finest blend of the rarest ingredients renowned for their mystical powers and mysterious virtues.
The Magnetic blends harness the power of pheromones. 3 fragrances composed of molecules whose invisible powers influence behaviour.  When science excels, it becomes an Art!
Initio goes further…
Blended together, they become genuine pheromonal amplifiers! Create a powerful aura. Become your own Alchemist and craft your own olfactory signature. Be unique.
Fusing with your skin, Initio perfumes open your horizons to infinite new adventures…
They seize and transform the destiny of the daring
INITIO reveals 7 perfumes with complex formulas
A noble, commanding fragrance. Its natural accents amplify the molecule’s pheromonal strength. In a blend of carnal potency and supernatural vibrations, Musk and Frankincense confers a magnetic presence.
After our official partnership at the 67th Cannes Film Festival, it is your turn to access this privilege
Become insiders, cultivate your difference:
INITIO Parfums Privés
"God creates odours, men Perfumes." Giono
Initio – Latin word has two meanings: "The beginning". The origin, a return to the essence of the perfume, in its original, magical and sacred function. Or: "I initiate". An initiation to discover the perfume as an object of power.
The origin. When perfume was the invisible link between earth and sky, between men and God: Perfume – per fumum – from the smoke. When perfume was used for its powers. Power to cure, to purify, to communicate with God, to seduce or to bewitch… the perfume, as old as civilisation has always been used for its power on the body and the soul.
Today, Initio brings back to life those ancestral knowhow and formulas, before reserved for few initiated only, blending raw materials from the best quality, known for their active powers when they are combined together … Combined to the magic of science to create quintessence. A substance with spectacular effects to reveal the irresistible side of every person.

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