JASMINISHA Eau de Parfum 75 ML

  • JASMINISHA Eau de Parfum 75 ML
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Moresque JASMINISHA Eau de Parfum 75 ML

Indian autumn has set in: the lotus flowers bloom and the wind carries the scent of Jasmine. Nisha rehearses her dance before performing in the rich courts of the Maharaja. Her movements, her looks and her elegant gestures narrate the impossible love, the seduction, the damnation of a young courtesan. JASMINISHA tells a story of passion through an ensorcelling oriental dance.

Oriental - Floral
Fresh Ginger, Mandarin
Ginger Flower, Orange Blossom, Jasmine
Candied Ginger, Vanilla, Woody notes, White Musk, Amber

Secret Collection
The secret collection represents the roots, the essence and significance of o research and beginnings. it is the prologue to the olfactory and stylistic narration of the brand. mysterious and hidden to the general pubblic until now, the secret collection is the first one the brand ever created. the five masterpieces of the collection utter the first words of Moresque’s language and bring together the ingredients that make the brand successful.

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