Jewels of Aqaba - Midnight Sun 30 ML EDP

  • Jewels of Aqaba - Midnight Sun 30 ML EDP
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Aqaba - Jewels of Aqaba - Midnight Sun

Aqaba­ a jeweled city on an ancient caravan route, through which camels laden with luxurious cargoes of incense, gold and gemstones passed as the Queen of Sheba traveled to meet King Solomon. An encounter that sparked a legendary passion. This tantalizing fragrance inspired by the charismatic queen uses ingredients from the traditional art of Arabian perfumery.

Jewels of AQABA, first of four Stanzas is NATURE, forerunner to the creation of humanity and first of the essential components of love:

Rubies and Pearls of Love, In Sails of Scented Winds, In Whispers of a Midnight Sun, Queen of Sheba and King Solomon. Ancient Love Lost in the Sands of AQABA.

Midnight Sun Notes:

Topnote: Gardenia, Freesia, Damask Rose

Heartnote: Orange Blossom, Rose

Basenote: Sandalwood, White Musk, Tuberose


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