Kâshân Rose Eau de Toilette 100 ml

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  • Kâshân Rose Eau de Toilette 100 ml
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The Different Company -Kâshân Rose Eau de Toilette 100 ml
A Floral fragrance vy Émilie Coppermann
The Eternal Middele-East
Kâshân Rose is a tribute to the city of Kâshân, located in Persia, which hosts in May the Rose Festival where thousands of people meet in order to celebrate this thousand year tradition. 
Our Kâshân Rose is balanced in between a natural garden rose and the most sophisticated rose. Smooth but not too sweet, a true and surprising Rose. 
Spectacular, sophisticated and unexpected 
Eau de Toilette

Of a wild side, this floral perfume embodies a Persian Rose celebrated in Kâshân, the first oasis of the Ispahan region, during the Rose festival in May. The flower is combined with fresh, spicy and fruity head notes – Lychee, Cardamom and Pink Pepper. 


The floral heart of the fragrance reveals a sublimated and sophisticated Rose, testimony of an ancestral know-how. Ambrette seeds bring an enveloping and reinsuring facet, a softness appreciated in the Middle-East, land of wisdom.


Head Notes


Heart Notes


Base Notes


Pink Peppercorn


Ambrette seeds

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