LES TUBEREUSES 1 Eau de Parfum 120 ml

  • LES TUBEREUSES 1 Eau de Parfum 120 ml
  • LES TUBEREUSES 1 Eau de Parfum 120 ml
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Histoires de Parfums - Les Tubéreuses 1 - Capricieuse Eau de Parfum

The Tuberose Trilogy

The mythical tuberose flower is a symbol of desire and dangerous pleasures. First discovered in Mexico thousands of years ago, tuberose is now cultivated worldwide, specifically in South India to be devoted to Gods, ceremonies and perfumes.

Tuberose emits a sweet and heady perfume, deeper after twilight when in full bloom. Its warm and velvety scent is sensual and spicy with a hint of sweetness and crystallized sugar. A powerful aphrodisiac, the green top notes gradually fold into a wild and bewitching deep bouquet of fragrance.

Miss Tuberose is a Super Diva! Stubborn, demanding, temperamental…Yes, she deserves it all! Natural yet sophisticated, she balances between modesty and pride! She delivers her powdered and adorned hypnotic iris and saffron.

Originality: Tuberose surrounded by saffron and ylang-ylang On the base notes soft leather and cocoa create a sweet and spicy harmony. A round, smooth, spicy and powdery perfume.
Moods: mysterious and addictive.

floral, powdered; masc. fém.

Top Note: Tuberose, Bergamot, Saffron
Heart Note: Tuberose, Iris, Ylang ylang
Base Note: Tuberose, Suede, Cocoa

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