Lonesome Rider 50 ml Eau de Parfum

  • Lonesome Rider 50 ml Eau de Parfum
  • Lonesome Rider 50 ml Eau de Parfum
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Tauer Perfumes Lonesome Rider 50 ml Eau de Parfum Concentrée



I think that creating perfumes is like painting with scent.

And I think that perfume is storytelling. Not always, but sometimes. With Lonesome Rider I am trying to tell a story, too. Or in other words: I invite people on a journey.

John Biebel wrote in his Fragrantica Review (link here): “…The poetry here is very intentional; the perfume itself takes on an increasingly poetic character as it evolves over a day. This is where Tauer has invested his deepest thinking about Lonesome Rider. His perception and aspirations about the perfume, and the resulting sensations, become one story. ….”

This is – of course- totally flattering and nice.

Here’s the caveat: When talking about lonesome and riders and cowboys and suburban heroes, it is a slim line: cliché is right there, around the corner.

Maybe the lonesome rider walks along in sneakers in suburbia, on his way to a 9 to 5 office job.

When travelling in Russia and speaking to the “press” I was often asked about inspiration. And I always said: Inspiration can be everywhere. Sometimes, it is a picture, a mood, an archetype. And sometimes, everything comes together. For me, this was the case in Lonesome Rider.

We will repeat part of Andy Tauer's explanation of what he wanted to do with Lonesome Rider:

...orris followed my Lonestar Memories scent that captures elements of untrimmed leather, campfire and the scent of wild pastures. A smoky leather note is what I wanted to see in Lonesome Rider, too. To me, this feels like going back to the source. I want the Lonesome Rider to stand out of the crowd. Thus, there’s an element of rough texture that I love so much. The smoke note is civilized, the leather warm and feels like a worn leather jacket.

So, how does that all work out? Very nicely, for us, at least. Lonesome Rider opens on peppery-spicy citrus (orange and grapefruit?), crisp and dry, over a mild leather backdrop, with just enough clove that for a few seconds, as vague floral notes join in, you half expect a carnation to come along. Instead the leather gets deeper and more buttery, and the woody notes more obvious, and iris takes on just enough weight to smooth everything over. There are hints of smoke, but they're mild, and there are likewise mild animalic notes (castoreum, says Andy Tauer) and at times, a brief hint of charred rubber.

Lonesome Rider is mostly dry, but it's not as dry or outdoorsy as Lonestar Memories, and while it does have the rough texture and smoke Tauer said he wanted, everything is comparatively civilized here, not just the smoke note — it smells like sandalwood more than charred kindling. Of the two, Lonesome Rider is probably easier to wear. Lonesome Rider is a scent memory as much as anything, and it doesn't easily fit into any of my usual fragrance categories.

Top Note: Grapefruit, Bergamot, Pepper, Clove
Heart Note: Rose, Iris, Leather, Castoreum
Base Note: Vetiver, Ambergris, Sandalwood

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