L'Original Eau de Parfum 30 ml

  • L'Original Eau de Parfum 30 ml
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Andree Putman L'Original 

With L'Original, Andrée (Mere) conjures up a world of purity and serenity. This, the first fragrance to bear the name Preparation Parfumée, is an ode to the vertical Oriental Garden of Pershing Hall hotel, which she herself had designed.
Composed by the famous Olivia Giacobetti, L'Original is a tribute to both the airy, streamlined style of Andree Putman the designer and the lucid, transparent style of Olivia Giacobetti the perfumer. It is a fresh, spicy, aquatic fragrance featuring notes of grey pepper, coriander leaf, forest wood, and water lily, all stretched out on a sparse woody form that mirrors a minimalist Asian aesthetic.

Fresh Spicy
driftwood, grey pepper, water lily and coriander leaves

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