Mirach extrait de parfum 100 ml

  • Mirach extrait de parfum 100 ml
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Tiziana Terenzi - Luna Collection - Mirach

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Mirach is one of the most famous stars of the constellation of Andromeda, notably for its incredible dimensions that exceed those of our sun by four times. For this reason it is classified as a Red Giant and is capable of releasing huge spirals of fire that dance sinuously in the silent cosmos. This creation harvests this powerful yet gentle fire, making it dance on the skin with a sinuous and fluctuating rhythm. A fire of distant echoes that chase and overtake each other in the fundamental splendor of the purest beauty. The scent begins with a subtle, almost silent vapour of ethereal lightness. The opening of the Sicilian Neroli combines with the fragrant Damask Rose and Italian Saffron, held in counterpoint by the strength of Nutmeg. This concert of high spiral notes blends in unison with a bed of the petals of Damask and Musk Roses lying on the powerful woods of Patchouli and White Oud. The whole is wrapped in the heat of the Sand (another famous and exclusive molecule from the Terenzi Library), the freshness of Davana and the ancestral sensuality of Gray Amber. This incredibly acrobatic bouquet walks, or rather races, along an olfactory tightrope following the underlying spiral that rises and falls in continuous and unrepeatable evolutions, thanks to the combination of the sweetness of the Madagascan Vanilla Berries with the hypnotic resin of Benzoin, firmly coupled with the elegance of precious Cambodian Oud, sweetened by Indian Sandalwood.

A flux of passionate and seductive emotions in a hypnotic spiral of fire with the regal touch of precious woods. A fragrance that will envelop you in an unforgettable journey in perennial pursuit of a moment of fleeting beauty.

Top: Neroli, Damask Rose, Saffron & Nutmeg
Heart: Musk Rose, Damask Rose, Patchouli, White Oud, Davana, Gray Amber & Warm Sand
Base: Vanilla Berries, Styrax Benzoin, Sandalwood & Oud

Tiziana Terenzi Luna Collection

Tiziana Terenzi presents her Luna project which is dedicated to the "future of memory". The literary tradition of the medieval chivalric epic "Chanson de Geste", and its subsequent more popular form, tells us that all lost items, or rather items that have gone astray, end up on the moon. The moon is the place where dreams and tears, love and reason, days of idleness and unfinished deeds are kept in precious glass ampoules. Bottles rather similar to those used to contain Tiziana Terenzi's precious essences today.

This collection is dedicated to the "rediscovery" of what we seem to have forgotten and what we cannot forget. Tiziana Terenzi takes us back to places during warm summer nights under a bright moon and sparkling stars. Through the eyes of a child, they appear full of magic and wonder. The memory itself makes them seem even more charming. Tiziana and Paolo have extracted these very personal moments, yet universal feelings in the form of rare precious essences. The four compositions invite you to relive them again and again.

Because of the high costs there will be in each ordered sample only a few sprays.

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