Tendre est la Nuit Eau de parfum 50 ml

  • Tendre est la Nuit Eau de parfum 50 ml
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Majda Bekkali - Tendre est la Nuit 
"Tendre est la nuit " is a scent that tells the attraveness of darkness and the sweet lethargy ...
The night literally of course, but also figuratively : the perfume is also an homage to Zelda Figerald who walked slowly and methodically to her own night, her madness in order to extract herself from the brutal reality.
The fragrance " Tendre est la nuit" is a soft and deep scent both metaphorical, as a soft night that makes you abandon yourself ...
Sounds fade and become murmurs, shapes become shadows, lines merge and the boundaries disapear.
The air is filled with perfumes, Topper hypnotics ; Some flowers offer at the night what they stubbornly refuse to the light.
Feeling of well-being mixed with anxiety.
Chypre Cuir
Head : immortal from Corsica, ambrette seed, cabreuva, carrot
Heart: davana, peppe, Sichuan pepper, benzoin
Base: leather, labdanum, oak moss, incense, patchouli,civette, castoreum

Reviews (1)
rating 4 (4 / 1 Reviews)

Mary (10-04-2014) rating 4 heb nu voor de tweede keer deze geur op (sample) en hij wordt steeds lekkerder. Ik weet niet wat ik aan het eind allemaal ruik, het verandert steeds. Heel bijzonder!

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