2# Nota di Viaggio - Shukran Eau de Toilette 100 ml

  • 2# Nota di Viaggio - Shukran Eau de Toilette 100 ml
  • 2# Nota di Viaggio - Shukran Eau de Toilette 100 ml
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Meo Fusciuni - 2# Nota di Viaggio - Shukran
Meo Fusciuni’s first three fragrances, "Trilogy of a journey" are completely natural to respect the philosophy around which they were created: the research and the respect for other cultures..
Shukran, the magic is the meeting, the light that welcomes you at the end of the long
journey from Turkey to Morocco.
Ebrezza, I’m sailing lightly, among colours, perfumes ,the sea and the sand.
What can I tell about Morocco? What can I bring with me? The meeting between mint and tobacco has given birth to Shukran that celebrates the lightness of a people, of a magic place. Happiness and wait join together, time is taken into a great consideration, time for a cup of mint tea.
Shukran is my personal gift to a people and a special place in my life that is Morocco, in
fact shukran in Arabic means 'thank you'. I wanted to remember him by creating a fragrance that reminds one of the lightest gestures of the Morocco's people, this is the convivial moment of the tea mint. Especially to those who have lived Morocco, this fragrance will remind those moments, sitting in a place lost in the world, to enjoying tea, in the air the smell of tobacco cigar and as a lullaby the continuous repetition of the word Shukran ...
Top notes: Moroccan Mint dwarf
Middle note: Lemongrass
Base note: Tobacco

Reviews (1)
rating 5 (5 / 1 Reviews)

Carola (27-05-2016) rating 5 Shukran, dank je wel in het Arabisch ruikt heel aromatisch fris in de top. Citrusachtige munt waar later een zoete tabaksgeur bij komt. Aparte combi munt en tabak maar het werkt. Ik vind de drydown echt geslaagd. Het ruikt warm en aromatisch met een zoete pijptabak die licht naar vanille ruikt en in de achtergrond het frisse pepermuntje die de geur het randje groen geeft. Mijmerend naar Marokko sippen aan je zoete mint thee

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