Mito Extrait de Parfum 7.5 ml

  • Mito Extrait de Parfum 7.5 ml
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Vero Profumo - Mito Extrait de Parfum 7.5 ml

Mito – For charming princesses and gallant urban kings in modern fairy tales.

An olfactive unit of all the elements from nature and architecture, classicism and modernity, which coincide in the beautiful garden at the Villa d’Este in Tivoli.This garden smells of the Mediterranean and of Italy, of the water in the basins, of the white flowers, the grass, the moistness. The air is pervaded with elegance, mythology and an almost androgynous beauty that is both masculine and feminine at the same time..

If the Extraits can be defined as nocturnal variations on four themes, the Voiles d'Extrait should be seen as ever-present daytime companions for ardent perfume lovers.
The new Voiles d'Extrait bring together extravagance and elegance for a new lightness of being.

The synthesis of a personal universe in miniature form, Mito is a green, floral fragrance of traditional character, challenging the trends of its own time and made precious, in its olfactive texture, by the presence of white flowers par excellence, magnolia and jasmine.

Mito - Extrait Parfum Notes

Citrus blend, magnolia grandiflora, white magnolia champaca, jasmine, galbanum, hyacinth, cypress blend, moss

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