Nombril Immense 50 ml Eau de Parfum

  • Nombril Immense 50 ml Eau de Parfum
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Etat Libre d`Orange - Nombril Immense

A ‘sacred’ aged patchouli from India; black pepper absolute, Peru Balsam, opoponax; vetiver; a musky shade of ambrette, and a story too….


Etat Libre d’Orange intends Nombril Immense (‘Giant Navel’) to be a study in humanity, an ‘initiatory voyage to discover new emotions and an open-mindedness to unprecedented spirituality,’ the enormous belly-button of the name, this nombril immense,  ‘leading the way to shedding one’s mortal coil…… to accessing timelessness’…….


And with such a precept, our appetites are surely whetted.


What will this smell like?


Will it really be ‘the smell of bliss’?


The answer, unexpectedly, is a qualified yes.


There is indeed something impossibly human about this scent; a bodily, skin-musked closeness evoking wise young mothers in their saris, and children, smitten, under their skirts; the fondness you feel for a lover in his week-worn cardigan. Families, close-knit; the coiled incense of afternoon smoke.





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