Alexandria II SHOWER GEL 200 ml

  • Alexandria II SHOWER GEL 200 ml
  • Alexandria II SHOWER GEL 200 ml

XerJoff - Alexandria II - Oud Stars Shower Gel 200 ml

This unspeakably lush shower gel is a sumptuous body smoother that simultaneously soothes the skin. What’s more, it’s so rich in perfume that it will leave subtle traces on your lingerie and bed linen.

ALEXANDRIA II IS THE BUILDING OF A DREAM.It is the invisible city built as the realm of the gods’ wood. It is an amphiteatre erected to stage our intoxicating passions, the cult of one’s own essence, the crossroads of rites celebrating opulence as theirreligion. It is the incense burning in the dark like eyes filled with passion. and a love letter so long as to fill up a whole library. It is the intimacy of a blooming rose, the missing half of the apple, the gentle strength of the cedar, the lethal temptation of the lily of the valley. It is a river of passion flowing in the middle of a town. The mature Cambodian oud enters the nostrils like a queen entering her court announced by gong chimes, her trail more precious than gold.Welcome to Alexandria: themost beautiful siege in history.


TOPNOTES:apple, cinnamon, rose wood, lavender
HEARTNOTES:cedarwood, lilly of the valley, rose
BASENOTES:amber, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, oud steam


After 3 years of intense research and exclusive sourcing of materials, XERJOFF launched the new OUD STARS collection at the Esxence Milan Exibition 2012. OUD STARS is an extension line consisting of six perfumes based off of the XJ Shooting Stars line launched in 2005. Entirely dedicated to the traditions of Arab perfume making, The OUD STARS collection is created with prestigious distillations of pure Oud from the plantations of Laos, India and Borneo.

The extensive research and limited production of OUD STARS has being finalized with the firm intention of creating a special collection faithful to the traditions of Arab perfume making while integrating the luxurious style and creativity of Xerjoff perfumes.

The names of each perfume has been linked to an ancient book called “Travel of Ibn Battuta” written in 1325 ad. Ibn Battuta, also know as the Marco Polo of the Arab world , described the life and culture of many cities from North Africa to the Far East leaving a great written testimony of that era.

OUD STARS : Zafar, Mamluk, Zanzibar (former Najaf), Al-Khat, Gao and Fars are ancient cities names chosen to name the new OUD STARS collection.

“Fine fragrance is never just about the smell. Done well, it is a marriage of substance and the sublime, perfectly executed by fragrance house Xerjoff with their philosophy that you cannot separate perfume from art.”

Sergio Momo

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