Patchouly Indonesiano Parfum Concentration 30 ml

  • Patchouly Indonesiano Parfum Concentration 30 ml
  • Patchouly Indonesiano Parfum Concentration 30 ml
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Farmacia SS. Annunziata - Patchouly Indonesiano Parfum Concentration 

Patchouli Indonesiano by Farmacia SS Annunziata surprises with its blend of Indonesian patchouly in the head, heart and base notes. Here, the opening is dry, almost medicinal until a refined symphony of exotic sweetness and fresh earthy tones suffuse their pure, hypnotic and untamed charms.

Irresistible and almost illicit as an antique chest full of contraband goods, this unusual fragrance composition - which at the same time embodies the rich, moist greenery of a forest floor - is full of complexity and contradiction. The sumptuous opulence and simultaneous herbal sharpness of the perfume lend wonderful expression and contribute to its fascinating mystery. This fragrance is for all lovers of patchouli. It surrounds the wearer with a seductive atmosphere due to its distinctive character and earthly beauty.

Oriental Woody
Head notes: PATCHOULY
Heart notes: PATCHOULY

The Brand
We discovered this line the old fashioned way – by traveling to Italy and combing the shops for treasures. At first it seemed we had simply found one outstanding fragrance – imagine our delight in discovering an entire line of exquisite scents from a brand with such an extraordinary, and virtually unknown, history. Farmacia SS Annunziata is one of Italy’s oldest brands and is believed to have been housed in the monastery of the Benedictine monks of St. Nicholas as early as the start of the fifteenth century.

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