Vittoria Apuana Eau de Parfum 75 ml

  • Vittoria Apuana Eau de Parfum 75 ml
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Profumi del Forte - Vittoria Apuana

Sensuous and delicate, coconut and vanilla in a concert of freshness, in a cascade of emotions.

From the diary of maître parfumeur

”After walking along the beach of Forte, I sit down. I breathe in the smells of the sea, pebbles washed by the waves and sand. I note in my mind the scents. Behind me are the Apuan alps, shining with their white marble. I am suspended in an almost unreal world. I reflect. I will begin with the marine notes: the smell of seaweed and of the salt lingering on my hands. I will continue with wild herbs from the dunes, with a touch of the citrus fruits from the wonderfully kept gardens of Forte. Just a little bitter orange and jasmine to enrich the middle notes, the perfume that inebriates me as I continue my walk. I will add the fragrance of the sun, those good creams of summer, the thirst-quenching fresh fruits eaten on the beach, wet woods….and timeless care”.

The finely engraved glass bottle, with a laser beam and the marble stopper maintain the characteristic tower shape of the entire Profumi del Forte Collection, with a new twist: a shiny metal coat entirely envelopes the bottle and stopper - silvery white for Versilia Platinum. The packaging has also been renewed: boxes, ribbons and tissue paper are restyled to embrace the fragrance in an even more elegant and practical casket.

Fruity, Vanilla
Top Note: Orange, Tangerine, Bitter Orange
Heart Note: Coconut, Tiare Blossom, Banana
Base Note: Bourbon Vanilla, Ambergris

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