ROMEO ON THE ROCKS Eau de Parfum 100 ml

  • ROMEO ON THE ROCKS Eau de Parfum 100 ml
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PHILLY & PHIL ROMEO ON THE ROCKS Eau de Parfum 100 ml 

The bar was familiar to him – it was not his first time here. But this time was different - there was a whiff of magic in the air. He let his eyes slide slowly across the room. He could barely see through the crowd of people. Although a born gentlemen, women always prostrated themselves at his feet. But this woman was different; special, and worth waiting for. She presented a special challenge to him, and he did not yet know how to handle it. Locking eyes with her across the crowded room, his blood stirred and he took a long drink of his single malt whiskey. Now he was ready.

Top notes:
bergamot-pear, lemon, bergamot, galbanum
Heart notes:
cedar, sandalwood, magnolia
Base notes:
musk, moss

"Hij was in deze bar een paar keer geweest, maar vandaag voelde het gelijk anders toen hij binnen kwam... iets was veranderd. Zijn ogen stonden wijd open om de scène vast te leggen en stopte toen hij haar zag. Hij was meestal een gemakkelijke socializer, maar dit moet een
uitdaging zijn. Hij nipte van zijn ijskoude drankje en was klaar om verder te gaan. "

Character of Essences
Thanks to their high-class ingredients and its surprising and sensational compositions the fragrances capture precisely this initial moment, that you like to be reminded of. Carefully selected ingredients of only the highest quality and their surprising and exciting compilation capture the moment, the one to remember.

The Essences of Love, which have translated precious memories and feelings into fine fragrances, are at the same time the most beautiful and the most mysterious way to awaken those special moments again and again.

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