Rose Cassis Paradis Eau de Toilette 8 ml travelspray

  • Rose Cassis Paradis Eau de Toilette 8 ml travelspray
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1000 Flowers - Rose Cassis Paradis Eau de Toilette 

All the great notes contained in a handy refillable travel/purse spray.

The Blue Collection (2016)

A fragrance in honour of Summer on the Cote d'Azur. A tang of cassis layered with the sweetness of ripe summer fruit, melon, pear, and apricot, and roses in full bloom. Inspired
especially by the Line Renaud rose, named after the French actress/singer, and created by a rose grower in Provence.

With organic Rose damascena hydrosol from Grasse, lemon leaves, rose geranium, and rose absolute, ylang ylang bourbon, vanilla, and a gentle base of amber and musk. Black currant

Rose Cassis Paradis: Black currant buds & leaves, dark pink roses, ripe summer fruits, dry woods & amber. (Inspired by the Line Renaud rose.)

About the Blue Collection
Most recently, in October 2016, the Blue Collection has been released. This collection is inspired by the blues of the sea and sky in the Mediterranean region, (hence the blue glasbottles), and the fragrances feature high doses of natural and rare raw materials, sourced directly from some of the most esteemed producers in France. The fragrances contain 6% organic Rose damascena hydrosol from a small producer in Grasse.

About the boxes
The artwork on the labels and boxes is directly inspired by hand painted Mediterranean tiles from 14th century Iznik works. 1000 Flowers fragrances contain no polycyclic musks, such as Galaxolide (which are not biodegradable), and the fragrances are made with 100% certified organic French grain alcohol. It has always been an in-house policy to avoid the use of crimp-on pumps, choosing instead sprays that can be removed by hand, thus allowing the bottles to be refilled, or recycled

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