Santo Incienso extrait de parfum 100ml

  • Santo Incienso extrait de parfum 100ml
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Santo Incienso, extrait de parfum 100ml

Mystical Trip
A woody – spicy Extrait de Parfum composed by Alexandra Monet.
Dense woodland, endlessly green, damp wood scent; tired from the heat, he arrives in a smoky clearing: the Ayahuasca’s ritual is starting. His vision was blurred by the dense smoke; a shaman face is outlined in front of him and immediately disappears. His eyes got closed… Later he will tell that it is that initiation that revealed to him the secret of Santo Incienso, Sillage Sacré.
The woody and spicy notes of Santo Incienso make you dive into the wild and mystic world of Amazonia. A spiritual composition imagined by Alexandra Monet like a perfect portrait of the soul’s journey, with a particular touch: the Palo Santo. Used by the Incas and the Shamans as incense during religious rituals, it is well-known to warding off evil spirits. It is a “soul tree revealed when burnt » sings the Peruvian singer Olga Milla.
The Palo Santo underlines the splendour of this perfume in its heart notes. 
Santo Incienso is a unique fragrance and a mystical composition that captivates, just like the shaman’s poem


The Different Company was born from the desire to create products without license to cost studies but rather to leave the choice and implementation to the creation alone.

One of the most sought-after perfumers of our time, Jean Claude Ellena, is responsible for the creative part. For over 20 years he has created internationally renowned perfumes, from FIRST by van Cleef & Arpels to DECLARATION by Cartier, without forgetting EAU PARFUMEE from Bulgari. The olfactive approach at The Different Company is for Jean an exercise in extreme styles with rare materials.

The quality of the natural and synthetic raw materials is much higher than the average and thus reducing the possibility of counterfeiting. At the same time the perfumer is offered a creative spectrum far above the average. Also the remaining elements, such as the flacon and presentation were not fixed to a definite cost; the ingredients alone determine the price and the value.

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