Sunset Flowers

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Montale - Sunset Flowers

The perfumed freshness of Lemontree's Leaves and Green Apples elegantly sustained by the Blue Camomile, the Rose-tree's Leaves and the Violet from Parma.

The fragrance captures freshness of lemon leaf mixed with green apple aroma. The heart introduces blue chamomile accords and Parma violet flowers, which enhance the Mediterranean impression.

Montale is one of the most extraordinary perfume brands of the world. Pierre Montale, the perfumer, has created perfumes for the Saudi Royal Family, including kings, queens, princes and princesses, for many years. The Montale perfumes are special for Agarwood or oud, which is little known in the Occident. His enchanting compositions have made Montale one of the most acknowledged luxury perfume brands.

Montale fragrances consist of the most precious raw materials in high concentrations. The aluminum bottle has been especially developed to guarantee that the perfume is preserved for a long time in a dark place, the light being the main enemy of perfumes and rare essences.

Prachtige frisse en schone geur van citroenblaadjes en groene knisperige appels op een elegante manier ondersteund door rozenboombladeren, blauwe kamille en viooltjes uit Parma. Deze geur is elegant en fris tegelijk en geeft een Mediterraanse sfeer en tevens chique gevoel. Een geur om het hele jaar te dragen.

Parfumeur: Pierre Montale

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