Tan D'Epices Eau de Parfum 30 ml

  • Tan D'Epices Eau de Parfum 30 ml
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Andree Putman - Preparation Parfumee - Tan d'Epices

The very name of Tan d'Epices is rich in the associations we are meant to draw – tan meaning to have one’s own skin completely covered by the golden cast of the sun, and epics meaning spices. The suggestion is of a scent that bathes the skin in a warm, golden silk shawl of gentle spices. And so it is.

Sensual and mysterious, Tan d’Epices covers the skin in a silken incense-laden scent, rich in cinnamon, powdery benzoin, ginger, cedar, and heliotrope. A scent to carry us off into hours of mystical contemplation…

Oriental Spicy
Heliotrope, cinnamon bark, incense, gingerbread, cedarwood, benzoin

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